Filip Berendt
Michał Bulik
Adrian Chudek
Nastka Gonera
Tomek Konecki

'Straight From The Forest' - personal project by Tomek Albin | Photographer

  • From the series: Straight From The Forest
    March / April 2020, Poland
    In the time of pandemic and globally raging virus, our government has banned the people from going out, gathering together, moving around (with no actual reason) and later on even reconnecting with nature in spaces such as parks and forests. 
    Meanwhile, Mother Nature has got her own little bit of a relief, just a short second to revive, and thankfully seems to do pretty well. Let's not forget to respect it - we will miss it if (when..?) we lose it again.
    Photos have been taken on a private property.

Posted 2020-04-27 14:53:10