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Karina Kleszczewska PSC

Karina Kleszczewska PSC

Karina Kleszczewska is a Polish cinematographer and one of the first women DoPs in Poland.
She is one of the very few female members of the Polish Society of Cinematographers, whose Vice President she became in 2023. She is also a co-founder of the FDOP Collective.
Her career began after graduating from the prestigious Polish film school PWSFTViT in 1996 when she started shooting shorts, docs, TV forms, TV theatre, music videos, and commercials as well as designing lighting for both tv and stage.
The Slovenian film “Blind Spot” was her first solo feature film as a cinematographer and with numerous awards it won (Cottus, Thessaloniki or Sofia Film Festival), it was definitely a turning point in her career.
While developing her professional path as a cinematographer she also co-founded, together with director Lukasz Barczyk, “Blyskawica”- the independent feature film studio.
For "Blyskawica" she co-produced two feature films, which she also lensed. That’s how “Unmoved Mover” and “Gli Italiani” were made,
both interesting and controversial films that stirred emotions in viewers.
Her body of work includes both low-budget films, TV series, and independent films as well as high-budget productions like "Hiszpanka".
Karina’s creative input is always universal, she chooses the form to suit what the film needs.
Nevertheless, the most important thing for her is an emphasis on evoking a feeling of beauty as a way of purifying our hearts and minds.

Karina speaks French, English, Italian & Russian.