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Ewa Kania

Ewa Kania

Costume designer with over 15 years of experience working on feature films, TV series, music videos, photo shoots and theatre. Her style is highly eclectic, a mix of vintage, athleisure and minimalism. Ewa is a passionate costume designer - fascinated by the fact that everything is allowed in fashion she likes to experiment, play with color, texture and material, mix vintage fashion with various patterns, as she says - "sky is the limit". She build her commercial portfolio working for such clients as Orange, Mbank, Huawei, Lexus, Canal+, Healthlabs or T-mobile. She works with both Polish and foreign directors, including  Markus Stummer, Trevor Macmahan, Sebastian Pańczyk, Jan Foryś, Anna Maliszewska, Florian Malak and Michał Marczak.

Privately, she enjoys surfing, yoga, horse riding and trying new things.